RevShare Films

Learn How Rev Share Films is disrupting the film industry by giving film makers a platform to advertise and deliver their content to millions of viewers!


Welcome to RevShare Films, an extraordinary media platform for movies, music and empowerment

Rev Share Films (RSF) is a multi-media platform for hosting and distributing conscious media. We are dedicated to bringing inspirational, motivational and transformational storytelling to a worldwide audience.


We empower and reward the global community to promote the media content and share in revenues with everyone who participates.


A portion of all revenues is also set aside to support charitable organizations that aid the less fortunate and promote self-reliance.

At the Asian Film Festival Los Angeles, we receive hundreds of submissions for films that never secure distribution. We are happy to help bring the finest of those films to the RevShare Films platform.
Holmes Stoner Founder, Asian Film Festival Los Angeles
I am happy to endorse RevShare Films for their unique approach to revenue sharing, and helping these great films and television programs reach the world.
Dr. Olympia Gelini Founder and Chairman, Family Film Awards and World Film Institute
Social media influencers connecting with music artists and great films, and sharing the revenue. A powerful combination all in one place at RevShare Films!
Drew Lane Pop and R&B Songwriter and Record Producer - 2006 Billboard Award Winner

The Evolution of Our Model

During its pre-launch in 2019, RevShare Films enlisted more than 100 Influencers and 30 global marketers to successfully release its first film, Destinova, an inspirational musically driven action drama.

With the overwhelming response on the technology, film festivals have contracted with RevShare Films to host the content of thousand’s of media creators. This paves the way for RevShare Films to become the ‘go-to’ hosting platform for an exciting collection of high-quality, award-winning, critically acclaimed transformational and inspirational feature films, documentaries, shorts and music videos, plus a wide array of empowering media.
These high quality, entertaining films encourage important dialogue regarding significant local, national and global issues and are in high demand by fan bases and communities who promote them

Charitable Giving

A percentage of all revenues generated by RevShare Films will be donated to charitable causes working towards solutions for important social issues related to personal development and education, fostering self-reliance of our world’s young people.

Why Filmmakers, Musicians and Empowerment Mentors love RevShare Films

Media providers today, including filmmakers, music artists and empowerment speakers, continue to struggle getting their content seen by their intended audiences.
RevShare Films solves this problem with its unique online streaming platform that combines easy uploading and access to content, widespread distribution capability, and powerful marketing assistance into one easy-to use App, accessible on multiple devices.


The RevShare Films media delivery system provides media providers with access both to a large and growing international audience who are interested in quality content, and to proven cost-effective advertising campaigns.


RevShare Films also combines a unique revenue-sharing model, a cadre of high-profile Influencers from social and other media and a team of trained marketing campaign consultants to maximize the success of each release and distribute the revenue proportionately.

Media Re-Imagined

The RevShare Films model provides services and opportunity far beyond the standard offerings of Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney+ and other mainstream streaming services in the following ways…


  • We spotlight and champion new Media Creators who deliver entertaining and engaging content that is also motivational, inspirational and transformational.
  • We help new Media Creators get a great career ‘push’ by providing them with a turnkey money-making revenue-sharing platform where they can showcase and market their content.
  • We offer established studios a fresh new audience and a specific demographic to further expand their reach and impact.
  • Viewers and Providers alike love how our unique platform blends a content delivery system with social media capabilities so fans and artists can easily interact with one another.
  • Media Creators can easily monitor their audience activity, manage campaigns and view real-time statistics in a password-protected back office.
  • Viewers can support their favorite filmmakers, music artists, media providers and speakers by “bonusing” them using our private internal currency, KUDOs.
  • Similarly, content providers can identify their best fans and reward them with KUDOs as well.
  • Users of our platform are incentivized to share their favorite media content with others and are rewarded when they do.
We are passionate about leveling the playing field and allowing artists and positive impact players from around the world to share their message to a global audience.
Butch Chelliah Co-Founder RevShare Films
To be able to remove borders and boundaries so the world can receive inspirational, motivational and transformational content is a powerful movement.
Henning Morales Co-Founder RevShare Films
RevShare Films is a disrupter in the media space and will create the largest sharing of wealth in a global community.
Ashkan Tabibnia Chief Strategist, RSF
A revolutionary gateway tool for all types of artists in music, film and empowerment that enables a prosperous entry and growth into the Gig economy. This is a distinct evolution in business for a win-win sharing model.
Mike Schell Associate Producer, Dirt Merchants Film Series
We are passionate about leveling the playing field and allowing artists and positive impact players from around the world to share their message to a global audience.
Butch Chelliah Co-Founder RevShare Films