4-Phase Rollout

Phase 1 Completed: First use case Destinova released on fully functioning website featuring robust front and back ends developed specifically for hosting, distributing, marketing and tracking viewership of films and other streaming media.

Phase 2 Completed: Secured initial funding for enhanced technology and operations. Systems implemented and operational (up and running). Achieved working business model.

Phase 3 Current: Inviting new Media Creators onto platform. New content is being uploaded monthly. Adding additional professional Influencers and Advisory Board members. Second round of financing is underway via direct-from-company private offering.

Phase 4 Coming Soon: Official public launch will take place in early 2021 as current economic and environmental conditions normalize. This includes the full release of the FILMS marketing model, accelerated recruitment of filmmakers, festivals, studios, Influencers and marketers, and expanded eligibility for all participants to receive RevShare payouts.